RONBEN launched WiFi enabled, Bluetooth enabled digital photo frame!
Date:2008-06-03 View:

WiFi and Bluetooth are not new words in today’s digital era , these technologies are widely used in laptops, mobile phone and other portable devices. They delight people always just because they make our ordinary gadgets go wireless.


Things are the same with WiFi / Bluetooth enabled digital photo frame. You don’t have to plug in/out the memory card or flash drive frequently when you need to share you memories with your family or friends. With a WiFi adapter, add internet access via wireless 802.11 b/g network to your digital photo frame, managing your photos directly from your laptops, mobile phone in your home WiFi networks. If you are out of WiFi networks, just transfer your photos easily from any Bluetooth device including mobile phones, digital cameras and personal computers, using the included dongle.


This is RONBEN’s new member DPF-8008. It offers wireless integration with RSS feeds from google Picasa web albums and other leading photo sites. You can also copy your mobile phone shots onto the photo frame wirelessly, the most amazing thing is that you can share your photos with your remote grandparents via their WiFi digital photo frame, you can do it instantly, take one picture of your children and distribute it right now. DPF-8008 brings your family members together.

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