Instagram digital photoframe Instaframe: the best social photo frame reinvented that changes your way to display photos
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Instagram is the most popular photo apps for smartphones which is available in iOS and android versions. It’s a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your photos with friends and family.

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Snap a picture, choose a filter to transform its look and feel, then post to Instagram. Share to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr too – it's as easy as pie. It's photo sharing, reinvented.

As a premium designer and manufacturer of WiFi photo frame and digital signage player, RONBEN has taken advantage of the established expertise in mobile apps as well as content management system to develop the most feature-packed social photoframe -- Instaframe, we believe social photoframe is a great niche while the popularity of Instagram paved the way to success:

Instagram digital photo frame 

Instagram digital photoframe Instaframe: the best social photo frame reinvented that changes your way to display photos


Liberating Instagram photos from your smartphones, Instaframe feeds your favorite images wirelessly

Instaframe digital photoframe based on Instagram


The unveiled Instaframe launched by RONBEN Technology in recent days won't interfere with the purity of your Instagram experience, but rather will compliment it -- allowing you to stream photos from your friends and family all over the world.
Instaframe: A Living Canvas 
When designing Instaframe, we are inspired by the idea of creating a living canvas that pushes beautiful images to a stand-alone device as they happen -- all on a big, beautiful display. No need to launch an app on your smartphone and squint at tiny images. Instaframe makes enjoying your Instagrams more enjoyable than ever before.  You are now free to effortlessly enjoy, display and show-off beautiful Instagrams in your home or office, all day long.
Easy To Setup, Easy To Use
Setup is in 3 easy steps.  Plug it in, connect to your home wireless network, then log in with your Instagram account and you're done!  Using it is just as easy.  Turn it on and your stream is there waiting for you.  Use the touch screen to navigate through your stream just as you would on your phone. The most active friends will be listed on the screen randomly like tag clouds, and it is updated instantly, you can also preset the always on-top beloved users like your family members for your easy navigation.
It runs Android.
We believe in open platforms to spur creativity and innovation.  Right now we're 100% focused on making the Instaframe work seamlessly with Instagram so that we deliver the best user experience possible.
Instaframe...Anywhere You Go
Yes, it truly is wireless in every sense of the word. In addition to the powerful WiFi b/g/n wireless data connectivity, we've also loaded Instaframe up with a rechargeable lithium battery so that you can untether it and move it wherever  you want.  
How it Works.
Log into your Instagram account using the touch screen keyboard, and bam! You're up and running. Photos from your Instagram feed will start pushing to Instaframe immediately. You also can switch between viewing your own photos, the photos of your friends, and the "popular" feed.
Who should buy Instaframe?
We think any current Instagram user will love our Instaframe as a fun, new way to enjoy Instagram photos in the home, office or anywhere you've got a wireless connection, but it's not just for consumers.  We believe that if you're a business owner, then Instaframe can also be a powerful and innovative way to communicate and interact with your customers.  Imagine the brand building possibilities as your customers use your company's product or service and post their experiences to the Instaframe in your stores.
Here are some feedback from our customer:
- Instaframe is a hip, Android-based digital photo frame for your Instagram feeds
- Multiple users can all push photos to a single Instaframe, making it a social animal.
- There are a number of creative ways to display Instagram photos, but none is perhaps as ideal as Instaframe.
- This is the next big thing for photo viewing. Photos deserve to be big and beautiful and are meant to be shared around something larger than a smartphone. This is a great device.
- Instaframe is a classy nod to the makers and community of Instagram
- Much like every social conference should include a tweet wall, every party should have an Instaframe... The party just became interactive.