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Retail tablet and full HD digital signage player featuring SMIL and HTML5
RONBEN is proud to launch the android based SMIL Player in its full line of retail tablet, including 9.7 inch, 15 inch industrial line and 13.3 inch, 18.5 inch as well as 21.5 inch commercial line. Retail tablet full HD digital signage player featuring SMIL and HTML5 13.3 inch, 18.5 inch and 21.5 inch SMIL Player.apk is an And…
RONBEN announced Google GMS certification support for dualcore 7inch and 9 inch
RONBEN announced Google GMS certification support for dualcore 7 inch and 9 inch RONBEN‘s GMS certified tablet pc dualcore 7 inch and 9 inch gives the tablet pc buyers more brand value an competitive advance in the market What is “CTS” and “GMS”? C-Compatibly G-Google T-Test M-Market …
POSTAB:Android All-in-one POSTAB Touch Terminal Panel PC ,Superior performance POSTAB Touch Screen Terminals
Android All-in-one POSTAB Touch Terminal Panel PC Thanks to open source android O/S, the previous programming needs for advertising players becomes so simple and flexible with android apps (.apk): with just a single apk and some scripts stored in the internal memory or SD card, our POSTAB can realize the functions of on-board butto…
Mini 7.9inch Android Quad Core Tablet PC, IPS Panel, China OEM manufacturer
Whoever could have imagined that quad core tablet pc would bring this new size 7.9inch tablet pc into a wholly new era? Without compromising the splendid features of Ipad Mini, our 7.9inch Quad Core tablet pc based on Android 4.2 OS with IPS panel delivers you seamless and unmatchable user experience. Ergonomics Design: Sup…
Instagram digital photoframe Instaframe: the best social photo frame reinvented that changes your way to display photos
Instagram is the most popular photo apps for smartphones which isavailable in iOS and android versions. It’s a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your photos with friends and family. Snap a picture, choose a filter to transform its look and feel, then post to Instagram. Share to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr too – it's…
HP Touchsmart, Acer All-in One Z5, ASUS......thanks to all those innovations, today we could reclaim our desk space as much as we can. However, shall we satisfy with this and go no further How to make All-in-One PC much more affordable, flexible and developable Here comes our Android based POSPAD, comprising both attractive design and …
Android entertainment device for cloud-based, broadband internet streaming,touchscreen interface
Building on our experience in the mobility industry,RONBEN is developing a new family of Android-powered, highly innovative devices for the broadband market. It is specially designed for service providers who deliver a variety of video, interactive broadcast, and Over-The-Top (OTT) services over hybrid fiber coax networks. Android powered cl…
RONBEN launched world‘s first IPS panel photoframe featuring 9.7 inch LED backlit 400 cd/m² of brightness
The world's first IPS panel photoframe featuring 9.7 inch LED backlit 400 cd/m² of brightness April 28, 2011; Shenzhen, China RONBEN launched world’s first IPS panel photoframe featuring 9.7 inch LED backlit 400 cd/m² of brightness and 1024-by-768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch (ppi) which is used for Ap…
In Mould Decoration & digital photo frame:decorating photoframe with Style
In-Mould Decoration & digital photo frames:decorating photoframe with Style, Innovation, Durability RONBEN employs in-mould decoration(IMD) in digital photo frames to help customers differentiate LCD photoframe products with radically different looks IMD or IML (In Mould Labelling) or Film Insert Moulding is a versatile and cost effecti…
Topsellers:12.1-inch & 15-inch digital photo frames taking tempered glass finish
Topsellers:12.1-inch & 15-inch digital photo frames taking tempered glass finish Digital frames buyers are already familiar with acrylic,wooden,metallic,leather frames, while there are quite a lot of contemporary furnitures inhome or office, People may prefer something special, somethingreally fit with the decorations. Aug 30, 2009, …
7 inch touchscreen LCD digital frame 800x480 from China
Feb 9,2009 - RONBEN launched 7 inch touch screen digital photo frame(DPF) taking Cheertek 952E solution chipset, one of the most quality DPF solutions.It features digital TFT LCD 800x480 pixels, SD/MMC/MS/XD/CF multi-card reader, on-board internal memory, displays photos, play mp3 music as well as MPEG4 videos. Download the touch screen dig…
Nano Chromatic MP4 Players Coming
Inspired by Ipod 4th Gen Nano chromatic MP4 player, RONBEN is releasing MP-1806, a Nano Chromatic MP4 player with total curved edges in 4 sides of the product console. It is more handier and much more impressive with a variety of sexy colors. Various sexy colors customizable for your specific taste: Specifications: * MP3 / WMA / AMV (transcode …
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