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HP Touchsmart, Acer All-in One Z5, ASUS......thanks to all those innovations, today we could reclaim our desk space as much as we can. However, shall we satisfy with this and go no further How to make All-in-One PC much more affordable, flexible and developable Here comes our Android based POSPAD, comprising both attractive design and open platform for further exploitation.
This leading edge, state of the art Android technology provides customers the added advantages of reliability (no hard drive, no cooling fan and running off flash ROM technology), flexibility (embedded and open platform software applications) and security (Android provides a secure software platform).
 Customized Features
  • All design for hospitality and retail applications
Based on Android 4.0.4 system, featured with 15 HD panel, embedded with Wi-Fi and 3G connections, easy adapted, to content management system with customized app, the POSPAD 15 (Droid-1501) provides an ideal solution for large-sized HD network digital signage player.
  • Easy Connection With Bar Code Scanner, Coupon Printer, Motion Sensor board and Video Selection Buttons
With built-in Series port with ready drivers, Our POSPAD can be easily connected to any bar code scanners, printers to meet the various demands of retailers for in-store promotions.
  • Support content update by USB drive
No internet connection avaialble Do not worry. Our POSPADs can be easily updated its contents by simply plugging a USB key(with security file required in the USB key)
Development Support and Warranty Care
If you don't have your own in-house software team to develop your own apps, then take advantage of our team and use our standard, universal, free of charge apps.
Besides, RONBEN guarantees 1 year international standard warranty, RMA goods could be retrieved to our duty-free warehouses and returned safe and sound to you.
If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us!