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Tradeshow&Company News
Tradeshow Timeline Notice
RONBENhasparticipatedinHongkongElectronicsShowbothSpringandAutumneiditonssinceApril2010.Thefollowingpicturesshowthetimelineoftheexhibitionsandthemomentswhenwestayconnectedtoourbusinessparnterseveryyear–eithertherepeatedcustomersornewbuyers,andhowourproductlineschangesincrementallyaccordingtothebuyer’srequirementsandmarketchange. …
Heat transfer printing:new technology for customised digital photo frames
Heat transfer printing:new technology for customised digital photo frames When world economy is stable and the economy crisis is said to be over next year 2010. Digital Photo Frame manufacturers as well as digital photo importers, wholesalers, gift and premium companies are all thinking some new way to make their digital frame offerings differ…
RONBEN set up Corporate sales division for corporate gift digital photo frames
Most of corporate companies have discovered digital photo frame as a new way for their business branding in many business occasions, no matter it is for the organization’s award ceremonies, celebrations, advertising displays in tradeshow or the counter to showcase new products, holiday gifts, or customer gifts etc, digital frames can work for corpo…
Removal Notice
In order to improve the internal communication between our sales department and the production department, RONBEN removed its sales centre and HQ office in Shenzhen Downtown into manufacturing factory in Xixiang Town this Monday. Now with frequent face to face discussion, we can ensure that our technicians fully understand our customers' OEM requi…
Holiday Notice - Spring Festival Of 2009 lunar calendar
Holiday Notice RONBEN will be on holiday of 2009 lunar year Spring Festival,from Jan 21 to Feb 4, we shall resume on Feb 5. Best Wishes to all RONBEN staff, RONBEN's customers, partners as well as any organizations and people supporting our business. Wishing all a wonderful holiday season and Healthy, Happy, Prosperous and Pe…
RONBEN digital photo picture frames used for advertising and digital signage
RONBEN digital photo picture frames used for advertising and digital signage Digital multimedia frames to cater for growing demand from commercial segmentLarge screen LCD digital multimedia frames from 7” to 10.2” can not only be used in offices and homes, as a tool for information and media display, they can also be used in department stores, s…
The real MPEG4 Player Era
The real MPEG4 Player Era RONBEN developed the real MPEG4 player, to play any format of MPEG4 avi, rm, even rmvb files without any transcoding. It has rmvb codec in the cutting edge solution chipset named Chinachip, the latest big boy in the industry. Chinachip is also the strategical partner of Realplayer (www.real.com), RONBEN believes their co…
RONBEN launched WiFi enabled, Bluetooth enabled digital photo frame!
WiFi and Bluetooth are not new words in today’s digital era , these technologies are widely used in laptops, mobile phone and other portable devices. They delight people always just because they make our ordinary gadgets go wireless. Things are the same with WiFi / Bluetooth enabled digital photo frame. You don’t have to plug in/out the memory …