Digital photo frames memory card compatibility

RONBEN digital photo frames (from 7 inch to 15 inch) usually support many types of memory card to ensure the compatibility with those used in digital cameras or digital camcorders. Here are the most common types of card:

SD (Secure Digital)
MMC (Multimedia Card)
MS (Memory Stick)
XD (eXtreme Digital)
CF (Compact Flash)

SD memory card for digital frame  MMC-multimedia card for digital frame  MS-memory stick for digital frameXD-extreme digital card for digital frame

CF card for digital frame


Memory card compatibility considerations: price and segmentation

Cheapest 7" digital frame may support only SD/MMC, while high-end digital multimedia frame supports SD/MMC/MS/XD (4-in-1) and CF card


There are different in-built multi-card reader supporting different memory cards, they may be single card slot for SD/MMC (2 in 1), SD/MMC/MS(3 in 1), SD/MMC/MS/XD(4 in 1) and large screen digital photo frame over 7 inch often come with two card slot, one for SD/MMC/MS/XD(4 in 1), the other for CF card. As CF card is rarely used by non-professional digital cameras, so it is often absent in low-end digital picture frames.

simple function photo frame DPF-7003H supports only SD/MMC

DPF-7003H (simple function photo frame) supports only SD/MMC;

7inch digital frame SD-MMC-MS card slot

7inch simple function frame DPF-7001 can be customized to support SD/MMC/MS with wooden faceplate.

Generally, simple function cheapest 7” digital picture frame supports only SD/MMC memory card due to the intense price competition and the low-end segment it targets to. However, 7” multimedia photoframe may support SD/MMC/MS(3-in-1), SD/MMC/MS/XD(4-in-1) in single card slot or even two card reader slots for SD/MMC/MS(3-in-1), SD/MMC/MS/XD(4-in-1) and CF card.

All depends on customer’s requirements and the product configurations, for example, 7 inch low-end multimedia frame may only support single card slot for SD/MMC, while 7” high-resolution digital multimedia frames with 800x480 digital TFT-LCD may support dual card slots for SD/MMC/MS/XD(4-in-1) and CF card to lure professional photographers as CF card has a dominant position on professional digital cameras. Larger size(above 7inch) photo frame often support CF card and they often have the other card slot for SD/MMC/MS/XD, some latest 8 inch digital photo frames come with only one card slot for SD/MMC/MS/XD ---without CF card. To disable CF card compatibility is just a way to cost down to make 8” digital frames more affordable.


DPF-8001, 8 inch new digital frame, has innovative design to position itself in high-end category, however, it only supports SD/MMC/MS/XD (no CF card).

Most of digital frames from 8inch to 15inch have two card slot for SD/MMC/MMS/XD(4-in-1) and CF card.

8inch digital frame supports SD-MMC-MS-XD 4-in-1 and CF card

DPF-8002, 8 inch digital multimedia frame, supports SD/MMC/MS/XD and CF card.