What is MP5 Player,or MP6 Player?

What is MP5 Player,or MP6 Player?

Sometimes,Technological advances make us confused.
We all know MP3 player is the flash based media device playing MP3 audio files.MP3 is an acronym of MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 audio layer 3. It is a compressed audio format that still allows a relatively high sound quality while reducing the file size. MP4 Player is actaully MP3 video player supporting MPEG4 video playing with pre-transcoding, which means the video files need converstion to supported formats such as *.mtv.


So what is an MP5 player?

Firstly, the word of MP5 player was created either by China OEM manufacturer or overseas buyers to discriminate the new advanced portable media player with the entry level MP3 player, MP3 MTV players.
MP5 Player is the trade name used to designate devices (PMP, or Portable Media Player) capable of playing music stored in files in MP3 format, run videos on a small liquid crystal screen and record video or act as a camera (this is the concept of MP5 player in Brazil and other South American countries). Besides built-in camera or the added support for DC and DV recording, China MP5 Player has multi-codec for nearly most of popular video formats such as RM, RMVB,AVI,Divx, 3GP, ASF, DAF, WMA, MP3, APE and FLAC, and with full orginial resolution support.


The name follows the same line of MP4/MTV Players, however, the name "MP5" does not refer to the audio file format implemented, as in MP3 and MP4. The name MP5 only has the intention to move the image of an "evolution" of MP4 and MP3 players.So what's the most important "evolution" of MP5 Player? RONBEN technoloy holds that the convenience of no-conversion is really a big step forward in portable music players. In RONBEN's range, we have 4 China OEM MP5 players:MP4300,MP3001,MP3002,MP2802.

MP6 Player is a new name these days when MP5 player has added support for internet connectivity, some of these models have the ability to watch the youtube videos directly.