Factory Tour

RONBEN Technology is China developer and manufacturer of commercial grade android tablet display and LCD advertising players for retail brands,integrator,advertising solution companies etc.Take a virtual tour to our factory.

Factory Tour 

Now you will begin to learn the real RONBEN.
Start a virtual field tour to check:

--How we manufacture the products ;
--How we assure the stated quality standards from the very beginning;

PCBA manufactured with our own in-house lead-free SMT and  wave solder machines

--how we take advantage of the cutting edge facilities
--truly ISO9001:2000 compliant production process 

Components fed into SMT  
Surface mounting in progress
Components are fed into the pick place of
SMT machines from tape-like reels.
Surface mounting in progress is monitored
by computerised control screen.
Convection Ovens for PCB   suneast wave soldering machines
Convection Ovens for PCB
(with mountable components placed on)
Two sets of SUNEAST(SA-3JSL) Lead-Free
Wave Soldering Machines resolder the PCB
after the process of insertion.
Tablet PC PCBA testing on Testing Kit   Tablet PC QC line
Tablet PC PCBA Testing Kit
Tablet PC QC line
Tablet PC final assembly line  

Tablet PC Aging test Bench

One of aseembly lines for LCD advertising screens
Tablet PC Aging Test
Warehouse and materials
Materials management