LCD Advertising Screens For POP Video Display, High Brightness.

RONBEN offers a wide range of IPS/HD advertisement screens for POP advertising display, ranging from 4.3" to 32" with built-in 1080p media player;
operated on plug and play basis, support power on auto video looping, optional push buttons, motion sensor, external battery case etc. Other solutions
include LCD Monitors With HDMI, Touchscreen Info Display.

Product Category

Basic digital photo frame for pictures and video display
HD (IPS) Media screens with standard vesa for pop video looping
Commercial grade HD (IPS) LCD monitors with HDMI input
Interactive touchscreen monitors with content editor for information and advertising display

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HD 7-inch In Store Advertising Player With Vesa Mount
HD 7" in-store LCD advertisng player is an ideal video advertising solution that is operated on plug-and play basis, 1024x600 pixels IPS panel, it supports 1080p video looping playback, alternative external battery power mode makes it highly flexible for marketers and integrators. Optional motion sensor for video triggering and push button for video selection, standard vesa bracket for easy integration onto shelf-edge or other store fixtures.

Interactive Touch Screen Advertising Player With Content Author
Interactive touch screen advertising player for retail, proprietary content author allows you to design layout like making a PPT, low-cost solution for marketing and questionare surveys with 10 questions and four answer options, at most you can design 250 pages, besides, you're free to place touch spots anywhere you want and program the playlist as needed. Available in 7”, 10.1”, 11.6", 13.3”, 14“, 15.6”, 18.5”, 21.5", 24", 27" and 32" in open frame or closed chassis.


8 inch digital photo frame with in-mould decoration(IMD) help customers differentiate LCD photoframe products with radically different looks
8 inch digital photo frame with in-mould decoration(IMD): decoration photoframe with style, innovation, durability.

what is IMD(in-mould decoration)?

9.7 inch digital photoframe | IPS panel photoframe | LED-backlit IPS LCD pictureframe | from China
IPS panel 9.7 inch LED photoframe is made for proconsumer, undoubtedly, ordinary consumers must also love this 9.7 inch digital photoframe with iPad LCD panel.The cool design of the front frame is very similar to iPad 2, as thin as 8mm; and the in-built accelerometer (G-sensor) auto detects the photoframe orientation and switches bewteen portrait and landscape mode. While most of photoframe importers would be delighted by the color performance of IPS panel:
1. 400cd/m² industrial grade brightness;
2. 178°viewing angel( close to full viewing angle /180°);
3. 1024-by-768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch (ppi).
10.2-inch wifi wireless digital picture frame supports P2P file transfer from PC to frame | wifi wireless advertising player  | wifi digital photo frame manufacturer

10.2-inch wifi photo frame supports P2P file transfer from PC to frame | wifi wireless advertising player

Different with framechannel certified wifi photo frame, this 10.2-inch wifi wireless digital picture frame supports peer to peer video/image file transfer from PC to frame, no need file server like framechannel or seeframe.Even if wifi connectivity is disturbed, it stays isolated and uninterrupted as the videos/pictures are downloaded into the on-board memory. This unique feature makes it a perfect wifi wirless advertising solution as in-store point of sale digital advertising frames.

10.1-inch Digital Photo Frame Manufacturer|Digital Picture Frame China Supplier
For digital frame OEM brands or digital frame wholesale companies who are trying to differentiate their offerings to digital frame consumers,
this 2.5cm ultra-thin 10.1-inch digital video frame would be a nice choice. 1024x600 high definition,Sleek design with Sony S-frame style,
chromed stands, matt finished surface to prevent scratches, it is a masterpiece in the world of digital frames. 
Wi-Fi digital signage | Wireless digital signage display | Networked digital advertising player  - RONBEN Tech
We are excited to launch WiFi digital signage display with web browser based content management system, it is easy-to-use to let users manage the playlist, group,template, time schedule remotely like checking email. This would be the best replacement for traditional digital advertising player based on PC architecture, offering a cost-effective wireless digital signage solutions for hospitality and retail locations.
This 14" standalone LCD advertising display features ultra sleek design, full HD 1920x1080 pixels IPS screen delivering brighter and sharper display, plating stand makes it an ideal option for table top placement, standard vesa for wall mounting or integration with other display fixtures.It supports power on video looping playback, stereo speakers make it attractive and soundable in the most appealing way.
15.6-inch LCD Media Screen With HDMI and VESA Mount,Push Button Options
With Mstar based 1080P video players becoming publicly available in market, LCD advertising displays are becoming an entry-level advertising device with low technology from manufacturing aspect. Unfortunately, Mstar based advertising players failed to support auto USB content update due to its single USB circuitry, several companies declared that their Mstar based LCD advertisesing screens come with such a basic feature, but it is USB copy with assistance of remote control, instead of USB auto copy with security file protection for anti-tampering. That's why our DAF-1562A is developed. This solution is available from 7 inch to 32 inch, while 15.6-inch is the most classic and popular display size in terms of high price performance ratio.
Digital Photo Frame | Large digital photoframe | 18.5 inch digital frame manufacturer

18.5 inch digital photoframe 1366x768 pixels super slim design, real tempered glass,

built-in VESA mount, motion sensor optional, zero dead point guarantee.

18.5-inch LCD Advertisement Screen With HDMI, Mounting Vesa
18.5 inch digital photo frame 1366x768 pixels, super slim design, with VESA mount,

adjustable stand, card protector, motion sensor(optional).
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