HDD Media Player, Ronben new category
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Now communications among various portable devices become much easier than before, and as LCD TV dominates the TV market and 1080p hi-resolution programs begin to reshape people’s Viewing habits. It is possible that home entertainment centre will go back to TV with many elements from previous private & portable electronics such as computer, mobile phone etc. Just play the files from your portable media players on your Samsung 32 inch LCD TV, it could be a NBA match, a FIFA final or ‘Prison Break' Season 3 movies in your personal computer. RONBEN’s HMP3501 will help us to make all the above come true. With 3.5 inch HDD up to 800GB, storing all the valuable movie files, digital images, your CD albums, etc.


Its versatile I/O interface can connect other electronics via USB 2.0 host (USB devices), RJ45 (connecting to 10/100M LAN as your home / office HDD server).

Follow this trend, RONBEN released HDD media player as a new category multimedia electronics, catering the growing demand of digital and home entertainment segment


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