Ronben launched "IPod white" mini digital frames
Date:2008-06-10 View:

You will get deeply impressed by the Ipod styled housing, taking the same high-end materials used for the face panel of Ipod.


They not only have stylish & unique designs, but very practical functions, which make it better value for money compared with those public models.



DPF2002 is not only digital photo frame, but a combo of FM radio(optional),calendar, clock,alarm clock, thermal meter, weekday indicator as well as photo frame. Children will always hold it in hands as it looks like a crystal-ball shaped funny toy with audioable signals changing pictures, it will be amusing when children watch & change their own photos inside with parents. Grandpa will enjoy watching children’s photos while listening to the radio programs and also keep alert to the indoor temperature changes via the thermal meter sign displayed on the screen.


DPF-1506 has 4 screens to display photo, temperature, calendar and time respectively. With 2 AAA batteries, the 3 STN screens will display temperature, calendar and time continuously for several months.



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