DAF-1001P--10.1-inch Open Frame Ad Player

10.1-inch open frame with push buttons & motion sensor; also available in 7-inch, 13.3-inch, 15.6-inch.

· Screen Size: 7-inch to 10.1-inch
· Features: Advertising Series

10.1 inch open frame LCD advertising player with push button & motion sensor

1. Easy to use:Upgrade the content on built-in memory by simply inserting a USB flash drive;    
2. Rugged metal housing designed for retail usage;    
3. Timer function to control media playback hours everyday;    
4. Logging statistics:record the playback data of each video/photo such as start/end time, repeat times;   
5. Interactivity options include touch screen, motion sensor, and push buttons;    

6. Optional with external rechargeable battery, high capacity up to 12,000mAh to support 10 hours video playback.
Main Functions:
Designed specifically for the retail market, this unique 10.1 inch open frame configuration is physically designed to be easily integrated into any enclosure, supermarket shelves, table top, showcase,retail display, Kiosk, or sign. Made with the retail OEM market in mind, this versatile housing design can be mounted to new creations or retrofits with ease.
Pushbutton - up to 10 (optional):There are 11 folders in internal memory or SD card,when power up, the display plays media content in  “folder 0” in a loop automatically and all 10 buttons keep blinking , when button No.X is pressed, it becomes lighted and the media player plays media content in "folder X" in a loop, when it finishes, the player goes back to play media content in "folder 0" repeated until the next button is pressed.
Motion sensor (optional): within 5 meters to the openframe, if there is no human movement at the front of the frame in 45 seconds (optional), the media player powers off automatically until next visitor comes close to it.
Security door to protect storage Media, Power connection, and function buttons 

10.1-inch open frame LCD advertising player customizations:

1. Tooling modifications & private labelling;

2. Customized retail packaging

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