MP-75 MINI--HD Media Player

This palm sized 1080p HD media player box is a cost-effective advertising solution for POP displays, it supports power on auto loop designated video file, inviting customers' interactivity via GPIO controlled push buttons, HDMI output to one or more screens, robust metallic housing, durable for long-term use without maintenance.



· Core Functions: push button

Full HD 1080P Media Player Box With HDMI Output, GPIO Controlled Push Buttons For Video File Selection.

Main Functions:
> When the MP‐75 mini is plugged in (power switch ON), the default set‐up is to begin auto‐playback
a file named mu.avi. The unit will continue playback of the same file until power is lost to the player.
The default files are stored in the root of the inserted device like SD card or USB drive.

> There are 8 GPIO connectors built‐into the board which allow for adding wiring harnesses for up to 8
constantly lighted push buttons. By pressing a push button, the default, looping video mu.avi will be interrupted
and a designated new file will be played. While the alternate file is being played, the selected push‐button
will be blinking (instead of solidly lighted). When the new file has completed playback, the unit will return to playing
the default file mu.avi, and all 8 push buttons will be solidly lighted again.

> File & Fold Struture: mu.avi for default loop, 00.avi, 01.avi,02.avi......07.avi for push buttons 1# to 8#

Video Decoder:
MPEG1:Max  Bitrate  100Mbps
MPEG2:Max  Bitrate  100Mbps
MPEG4-XVID:Max  Bitrate  100Mbps
DIVX:Max  Bitrate  100Mbps
H.264:Max  Bitrate  70Mbps
H.263:Max  Bitrate  100Mbps
WMV9/VC -1: Max  Bitrate  100Mbps
RMVB :Max  Bitrate  100Mbps
Max Frame Rate:30fps
Max Resolution:1920 x1280
Video File format:MKV; VOB; PMP; RM/RMVB; MPG; M2TS; FLV;     AVI;TS/TP;MP4/M4V;MOV; WMV
                               Subtitle supported –SRT, ASS, SSA, SUB, SMII format
 Photo Decoder:JPEG PNG BMP GIF
 Audio Decoder:Mp3 WMA OGG FLAC (Lever0 – Lever8) APE AAC AC3 (Ac3 only) ATRA DTS (Dts only)
 Photo Slideshow:Slideshow with Music
 Still Image:Rotation, Zoom, Thumbnail, Auto Slideshiow
 TV system:Supports maxium 1080P output
 I/O Connectors
 Video Output: HDMI 1.3 1080P output                  
 Audio Output:HDMI output
 Connectivity:1XUSB2.0 High Speed HOST port SD/MMC optional
 LED Color:Power ON, Power OFF
 Remote Control:IR remote control
 AC adapter:100~240V , 12V/1.5A    
 Push button connector:Molex 4-pin or RJ11x5;
Power on auto loop an array of 1080p video files;

Power on auto loop designated video file, push buttons for other video files triggering, when display finished, return to designated video file looping.

Customized solution supported on demand.
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