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We manufacture a wide range of digital  photo frames and LCD digital picture frames with a variety of different functions catering for the different consumption patterns in various markets. We supply and export best selling 7” simple function digital picture frame only displaying JPEG photos, to 10.2” WiFi connected digital photo frames. With an analogue or digital interface, different screen resolution, different media types supported, different card type compatibility, different internal memory options, different wireless connection solution, as well as different decorative frame type from acrylic, wooden, metal, to leather materials.

Digital Photo Frame by Screen Size
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With Mstar based 1080P video POP displays becoming publicly available in market, plug & play shelf edge LCD displays are becoming an entry-level advertising device with low technology from manufacturing aspect. Unfortunately, Mstar based media players failed to support USB auto copy (content update) due to its single USB circuitry, several companies declared that their Mstar based LCD advertisement players come with such a basic feature, but it is USB copy with assistance of remote control, instead of USB auto copy with security file protection for anti-tampering. That's why our DAF-1562A is developed. This solution is available from 7 inch to 32 inch, while 15.6-inch is the most classic and popular display size in terms of high price performance ratio.
Touch Screen Advertising POP screens and interactive LCD Signage Displays - with Free touchscreen software tailoring your own content
Touch Screen Advertising POP And Interactive LCD Signage Displays
High resolution touch screen with cutting-edge calibration algorithm, available in 7”, 10.1”, 11.6",  13.3”, 14“,15.6”, 18.5”, 21.5", 24", 27" and 32";
optional open frame or enclosed chassis, programming your content with multi-layerd touch interaction to deliver the exact sales message.


Digital Photo Frame | Digital picture frame | 18.5 inch photoframe 1366x768 pixels high definition display
18.5 inch digital photo frame 1366x768 pixels, super slim design, with VESA mount,

adjustable stand, card protector, motion sensor(optional).
Digital Photo Frame | Digital picture frame | 10.1 inch LCD digital video frame
For digital frame OEM brands or digital frame wholesale companies who are trying to differentiate their offerings to digital frame consumers,
this 2.5cm ultra-thin 10.1-inch digital video frame would be a nice choice. 1024x600 high definition,Sleek design with Sony S-frame style,
chromed stands, matt finished surface to prevent scratches, it is a masterpiece in the world of digital frames. 
Digital Photo Frame | Large digital photoframe | 18.5 inch digital frame manufacturer

18.5 inch digital photoframe 1366x768 pixels super slim design, real tempered glass,

built-in VESA mount, motion sensor optional, zero dead point guarantee.

Digital photo frame | Amlogic Digital Frames |Digital picture frame
Masterpiece 21.5 inch digital photoframe tempered glass with full HD screen and LED backlight, HDMI-in.
Wi-Fi digital signage | Wireless digital signage display | Networked digital advertising player  - RONBEN Tech
We are excited to launch WiFi digital signage display with web browser based content management system, it is easy-to-use to let users manage the playlist, group,template, time schedule remotely like checking email. This would be the best replacement for traditional digital advertising player based on PC architecture, offering a cost-effective wireless digital signage solutions for hospitality and retail locations.
Large digital photoframe | digital photoframe 15 inch | 15 inch digital frame manufacturer
15.6-inch Open Frame LCD Monitor With Embeded 1080p Media Player, HDMI Interface, IPS Screen.

Best choice for brands, retailers and integrators to display their product information through this 15.6" open frame LCD advertising player, it supports plug and play, pow on looping playback, timer on and timer off, optional push button and motion sensor for customer interactivity. Built for commercial use running 24/7, robust design with metallic housing.

LED digital photoframe 13.3 inch  | LED-backlit display with VESA mount | LCD advertising display manufacturer
This is a unique model for both consumerline as photoframe and commercial line as digital video advertising display.  It features robust tempered glass at front making the whole frame looking sleek,  while the back frame is naturally curved with speaker vents at the side, giving out the music sound in the most audible way. It would be a nice choice as digital advertising frame with the built-in 100x100mm VESA mount on its back, while the VESA holes can be disabled if buyers don't need them.
9.7 inch digital photoframe | IPS panel photoframe | LED-backlit IPS LCD pictureframe | from China
IPS panel 9.7 inch LED photoframe is made for proconsumer, undoubtedly, ordinary consumers must also love this 9.7 inch digital photoframe with iPad LCD panel.The cool design of the front frame is very similar to iPad 2, as thin as 8mm; and the in-built accelerometer (G-sensor) auto detects the photoframe orientation and switches bewteen portrait and landscape mode. While most of photoframe importers would be delighted by the color performance of IPS panel:
1. 400cd/m² industrial grade brightness;
2. 178°viewing angel( close to full viewing angle /180°);
3. 1024-by-768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch (ppi).
21.5-inch LCD Advertisement Display With HDMI-IN, Vesa Mount
Best POP Retail Advertising Display With HDMI-IN, Plug And Play
Support power on looping, programmable playlist, USB auto content update, Optional Vesa Mounts.

7-inch In Store Advertising Player With Vesa Mount
Retail POP display 7 inch in store advertising player with motion sensor, support loop playback, card slot protector and button selection programming
DAF-7001M is a video advertising solution that has an integrated SD/MMC/MS flash card reader and motion sensor used primarily for digital advertising. If the motion detection is turned on and no motion is detected, the unit will simply go into standby mode. When motion is again detected the unit resumes play as normal.It supports video & picture looped playback, content update is made via changing SD card on-board, the unit has a card slot locker for anti-tampering use; In addition, it offers button selection programming with extra convenience for in-store video presentations. Simply press one button, the unit will switch between Repeat All (loop mode) and Repeat One(play current video only).  The daily timer power on/off function allows you to set your digital advertising player to turn on only during the peak hours of the day or night to increase your visability and advertising dollars.

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