Keywords before you order----tips for customers to make order

Keywords Before Your Order

To place an Order to RONBEN, you need to make sure the following key words are well noted and confirmed with your requirements:


Memory Size (applicable to all our 3 categories): memory size of MP4 player; Internal memory size of digital photo frame; Memory size is a key parameter of these products because it is a large part of the price, and also, as flash memory is widely used in all the portable consumer electronics, PC,etc, its price is fluctuating every day due to unstable supply and market speculation.


Memory Card reader (applicable to all our 3 categories):This is especially important for digital photo frame, as a differentiating strategy, different solutions have different compliance with memory card types, card reader slots may be compliant with SD/MMC(2-in-1),SD/MMC/MS(3-in-1), SD/MMC/MS /MD (4-in-1) or  SD/MMC/MS/ /MD/CF (5-in-1).


Colors: We have different standard colors for different models. We also welcome customer’s ideas about colors suggestion, our creative designer team will help you to visualize your idea for confirmation.


Logo Imprint Options: Different finish (metal,plastic,rubber,leather,etc) has different imprint option. Silk screening, full color printing, laser engraving and heat stamping are the most popular methods we apply. Please confirm us the logo imprint option(s) you prefer after you test the sample(s).We shall either send you photo or deliver you real sample for your confirmation.


Pantone Colors:


We request Pantone colors for logo imprinting except black and white. Because of manufacturing differences and digital color profiles, colors can be tricky when viewed on computer monitors. For example, dark blue on one monitor might look like purple on the other. For best visual effect, it is strongly recommended that you use a Pantone Color Guide Book (refer to your designer if they have a Pantone Color Guide Book) to choose the correct colors. However, the actual color(s) may differ a little from the one you select on the Pantone Color Guide Book due to different material surfaces (eg. Metal vs Paper).


Vector Artwork :


Remarks:vector graphics have a constant resolution no matter how much zooming in/out, while bitmap graphics have a changing resolution when zooming in/out)
Vector artwork is preferred for any logos especially those with more than one color. If you do not have a vector artwork file of your logo, please check with the original designer who created it. We highly recommend that you submit an Adobe Illustrator (.ai),Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) or Coraldraw (.cdr) file. Raster file artwork (.bmp, .jpg, .gif) will not be accepted for logos with more than one color. Any text that appears in your logo should either be embedded in the file or made into curves. If a file is submitted without curves, we cannot be held responsible for substituted or lost fonts.


Submit your logo:

Please send the artwork to the sales people you contact. If you have your own idea how and where to put your logo, we will do it strictly according to your requirements, including the imprint area and the size of the logo. If you do not specify size and/or imprint area on your purchase order, our designer will determine the appropriate size and position based on your artwork and decorating method specified. We will send you a visual sample with your logo imprint effect in within 24 hours for approval (except holidays).


Data Services: Data services includes starting on/off images of the on-screen menu. For example, an MP4 player starts on with your logo images display and shuts down with your logo, website or event information. This is very important either for brand awareness or for event recognition. Please specify your detailed requirements to our sales people regarding the visual effect of the data services.


Accessories: OEM customization options may be also available to the accessories subject to bulk quantity. From driver CD, Gift box, User manual, Earphone, AV cable, AC adapter to USB extension cable, you can choose one or some of them, or just the product itself.


Packaging:For different distribution channels we offer different packaging solutions. For retail, we recommend the retail boxes; for promotional use, we would suggest the blister with transparent product window. In addition, we welcome your own creative idea in package design.


MOQ: All our OEM orders have minimum order quantity requirements.Generally,1 thousand pcs for MP4 and digital photo frame; 500pcs for HDD media player. We know that some customers are new in the industry and require smaller quantity. We would like to offer the beginners with our best efforts. However, as a factory, our low-price competitiveness comes from large scaled production, so we have to add some surcharge to the order price if the order quantity is below our M.O.Q. 


Delivery time: We know that on-schedule delivery is very important in this fast-changing industry. Our lead time is about 10 to 15 working days after the confirmation of the purchase order. The lead time may be longer during peak seasons. We will confirm the delivery time with you for each individual order.  


Shipping Terms:As consumer electronics industry is a special one with prices fast-changing day to day. In order to catch up the sales season, we suggest customers take shipment by Air(or by courier Fedex/ DHL /UPS..).             

Warranty:We offer 1 year limited warranty for all the products sold out.(from the bill of lading date+1 month),for details, please check our warranty policy.