Nano Chromatic MP4 Players Coming
Date:2008-10-27 View:

Inspired by Ipod 4th Gen Nano chromatic MP4 player, RONBEN is releasing MP-1806, a Nano Chromatic MP4 player with total curved edges in 4 sides of the product console. It is more handier and much more impressive with a variety of sexy colors.


Various sexy colors customizable for your specific taste:

    * MP3 / WMA / AMV (transcode WMV,WMA, ASF, MPG, MPEG, MOV, AVI into AMV).
      Support MPV, MPEG I/II layer 2/3, 8-448Kbps.
    * USB flash disk, 256MB/512MB/1GB/2GB/4GB built in flash memory
    * Digital voice recording; 8 hours recording for 128M and VOX recording
    * 1.8" LCD, TFT color display
    * FM radio optional
    * ID3 support, Lyric display
    * Support Multi-language system
    * 7 mode equalizer
    * Function of browse of JPEG picture
    * Repeat A-B,Normal, Repeat All, Random.
    * USB 2.0 specification supporting
    * Long time playback
    * Rechargeable lithium battery through USB/AC charger
    * After sales service:1 year warranty
    * Approval:CE, FCC
    * No driver needed under Windows ME, 2000, XP or above (except win98)

RONBEN will also lauch the other new MP4 players for X'max peak season: Q-t, MP-1805.


Product features and specifications available soon.