RONBEN digital photo picture frames used for advertising and digital signage
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RONBEN digital photo picture frames used for advertising and digital signage

Digital multimedia frames to cater for growing demand from commercial segment

Large screen LCD digital multimedia frames from 7” to 10.2” can not only be used in offices and homes, as a tool for information and media display, they can also be used in department stores, schools, hospitals, banks and buses for commercial use. Combined with the eye catching poster on the point of sale (POS) displays, these point of sales digital photo frames will be an ideal way of displaying customized advertising and promotional content.



Digital advertising players as ‘digital sales clerk’ to ensure successful sales campaign

These small-sized advertising players can be stand alone on the top of products or they can be integrated into POS stands. Like the following cosmetic products showcase POS display, Let these ‘digital sales clerk’ grab your customers’ attention when they are in reception areas, product showrooms and deliver the right message in an standardized decent manner. Customers will learn product knowledge in a digital way. Sellers can help the customers make decision for purchase from the digital signage right close to the real products.

POS display digital photo framePOS display digital frame for cosmetics companies

*** 7" digital multimedia players integrated into POS displays just near the products.

Digital photo frames are also excellent as reminders for sales teams and customer service, offering important reminders on a daily basis , that can be updated according to any promotions that are being run.


Differences between home digital photo frames and digital frame advertising players



No matter the digital frames integrated into POS stands, or the metallic box shaped advertising players located in super markets, DPF advertising players often come with memory card lock and/or screen/ console protection case (metallic or acrylic), in addition, a secured power supply is needed

8 inch stand along advertising playerdigital multimedia frame advertising player in super market

Left: stand along 8" advertising player 

Right: 7" advertising player in super market

powerful play list editor

In order to play the right content in a right order and schedule, we need a more powerful play list editor for advertising players. We need to loop different movie clips together with customizable repeating times and intervals, If we need to play selected movie clip automatically when power on, then we have to set movie playback as default play mode and play the starting movie.

High resolution and high reliability


We need the advertising players to keep working as long as there is customers near the POS stands or the products to be promoted. That may be 8 hours continuously playback, then it requires higher reliability in performance; In addition, high resolution TFT will be a must, taking cosmetic products advertising players for example, if we need to show the marvelous effect of the cosmetics, any frosted dots on the movies or pictures may bring unexpected drawbacks to our advertising. If we need 7” advertising players, then 800x480 pixels digital panel DPF will be highly recommended.