The real MPEG4 Player Era
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The real MPEG4 Player Era

RONBEN developed the real MPEG4 player, to play any format of MPEG4 avi, rm, even rmvb files without any transcoding. It has rmvb codec in the cutting edge solution chipset named Chinachip, the latest big boy in the industry. Chinachip is also the strategical partner of Realplayer (, RONBEN believes their cooperation benefits all the MP4 lovers in the world. Because they are delivering simplicity to consumers while let them enjoy the feature-rich digital lifestyles.The current users of old transcoded-MP4 players may feel eager to buy a new real MPEG4 player, just in order to get rid of the frustrating and troublesome conversion of the original hi-resolution movie files.

This is RONBEN's new flagship in portable media player category, please click here to learn all the details you may need about our MP-4300.



The MPEG4 series includes 2.4" ,2.8", 3.0", 4.3"screen sizes, with other popular MP4 player features such MP3 playback, e-book reader, voice recorder, FM radio, built-in speaker, etc.


MP-4300, Bigger in Screen, but smaller in dimension; Compare it with our credit card please.