Heat transfer printing:new technology for customised digital photo frames
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Heat transfer printing:new technology for customised digital photo frames


When world economy is stable and the economy crisis is said to be over next year 2010. Digital Photo Frame manufacturers as well as digital photo importers, wholesalers, gift and premium companies are all thinking some new way to make their digital frame offerings different, so as to avoid the intense price-based competition.

Digital Photo Frames without heat transfer printing

                                      The original PV finish frame

RONBEN technology, is already standing ahead of this intelligence contest. We applied Heat Transfer Printing technology into our premium line digital frames, making  every common looking frame differentiated and more high-end, this is very important if our customers want to avoid the price war. Customers can design many different artworks of themes targeting different segments, for example, printing some feminine graphics to attract female consumers,adding pictures of sports star, film star to sell the colored digital frames to the fans. While digital frames are just affordable as a commodity electronics, it is easy and wise to sell customised digital frame employing heat transfer printing right into some untapped markets.

Telefunken digital frame with heat transfer printing

Telefunken digital frame with heat transfer printing artworks

Hello-kitty-digital-frame with heat transfer printing

Hello Kitty digital frames vivid color artworks


What is the heat transfer printing?


Generally speaking a transfer is made up of a carrier paper and inks. When heat and pressure are applied to this paper the inks are transferred to the substrate you wish to print onto(The substrates can be metals,glass,wooden,acrylic,any materials with a polyester coating). Some transfers are topical. The image is applied to the surface of the substrate. Other transfers are absorbed into the fibers of the material.

To make your digital frames with heat transfer printing, just send us your artworks, we can deliver back the visual sample in just 2 days. Inquiry us? Contact us now.