Most Important Considerations for Digital Frame Buyers

What's the main considerations of the digital picture frame buyers when they wanna make the purchase ? Although different market has different consumption pattern, we still have a clear view about the basic and most important considerations. In-depth stuy of this question will enable our customers---consumer brands, gift & premium companies, trading companies, wholesaler, retailer as well as e-tailers to make the exactly smart choice to order the right product with right specification.

A new study by Futuresource Consulting of digital picture frame buyers in Europe illustrates a key problem with the digital picture frame business. People buying frames are making decisions based on design and price; often totally unaware of features like screen resolution. When buyers really spend time with the decision they identified screen resolution, USB connectivity, memory cards compliance, the ability to display different picture sizes and internal memory size as key factors.

Other interesting findings from the survey include:

    * By 2011 they expect household penetration to reach 14% across Western Europe
    * 97% of the frames are used in the home, only 3% at work
    * 70% of those who own a digital picture frame are planning on buying another within 6 months
    * 80% of frame owners would recommend one to a friend

While these numbers may not translate directly to other markets including US, Canada, South America,Australia,Japan, Russia and the CIS, their core finding that decisions are being made mostly on price and design likely hold true as well, that may be the human nature. Anyone who’s in the market needs to make sure to get educated on important factors like screen resolution before buying. A large display with poor resolution will yield worse results than a smaller display with higher resolution. The message here is simple, buying on design is fine, but when it comes to price, make sure you buy the highest resolution you can, even if the frame is a little smaller than what you hoped for.

Many big boys such as SONY, Samsung released some 7 inch, 8 inch digital frame with high resolutions, they seem to understand consumer demands quickly  and guide the way ahead in the industry.

Targeting different segments as digital photo frame OEM supplier, RONBEN technology also understands the latest trend and reponse promptly: RONBEN launched 7" digital picture frame with digital TFT panel 800x480 pixels resolution --DPF7007D this July, note the resolution of 7 inch DPF-7007D can compete with those of 8 inch  or 10 inch digital frames. With less money, people can buy the highest resolution they can.