Topsellers:12.1-inch & 15-inch digital photo frames taking tempered glass finish
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Topsellers:12.1-inch & 15-inch digital photo frames taking tempered glass finish

Digital frames buyers are already familiar with acrylic,wooden,metallic,leather frames, while there are quite a lot of contemporary furnitures in home or office, People may prefer something special, something really fit with the decorations.

Aug 30, 2009, RONBEN added tempered glass finish digital photo frames.


Tempered glass to polish your digital frames product line:

Our large screen digital frame 12.1" & 15" now available with tempered glass finish, they not only have unique style, but with good texture, masterpiece industrial design and user friendly interfaces.

tempered glass finish digital frame black

                   Tempered glass:robust,compact and elegant


Unique selling points of tempered glass digital frames:

1).Design:unique instead of public one, and very few companies use tempered glass(3mm thick)
2).Chips: taking the latest image processors,video chips and software: Amlogic 7216, instead of the common Amlogic 62XX serious;
3).Screen:Sharp A grade brand new LCD panels, zero dead pixels guaranteed.
4).superior and quality components
Review our 12.1-inch, 15-inch tempered glass digital frames now:
12.1-inch tempered glass digital frame
15-inch tempered glass digital frame