In Mould Decoration & digital photo frame:decorating photoframe with Style
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In-Mould Decoration & digital photo frames:decorating photoframe with Style, Innovation, Durability



RONBEN employs in-mould decoration(IMD) in digital photo frames to help customers differentiate LCD photoframe products with radically different looks

IMD or IML (In Mould Labelling) or Film Insert Moulding is a versatile and cost effective method of decorating and manufacturing plastic parts, best described as a method of In Mould Decoration (IMD) or In Mould Labelling (IML). The film is firstly reverse decorated (normally screen printed) then optionally formed, cut and finally back injection moulded. The process is shown below in graphic format.


IMD 1st process-film printing
IMD 2nd process Forming
IMD 3rd process Trimming
Graphics are printed on to film roll to roll or in sheets
Heat, pressure and/or vacumn shapes the film into desired part geometry
Preform applique is precisely trimmed
Finished Part
IMD 4th process-Insertion
IMD 5th process molding
IMD 6th process Finished part
Applique is manually or robotically inserted into the mold cavity
Compatible resin is injection molded in behind the applique
Class A finished part requires no additional trimming, buffing or top-coating

RONBEN strives to add more value in LCD photoframe products, that's why we take IMD to offer customers design flexibility to help them create the most compelling looks with strong high-end perception.

Our DPF-8008 is one of excellent IMD digital photo frames that take in-mould decoration method to make very nice frontal frames with compelling visual effect.


Key benefits of IMD in photoframe plastic surface decoration:


Design Flexibility

IMD allows our customers to express their personalities, while we manufacture photoframe products with radically different looks.



Multiple Colors, Effects, & Textures with a Single Operation

IMD 8 inch digital photo frame
IMD allows you to achieve different colors, effects, and textures that are complete when the part comes out of the mold. When any of these factors need to change, there is no need to re-tool or change resin color. Just simply change the film and you can change the appearance or texture dramatically.




Long-lasting Graphics

"Life-lasting" graphics are encapsulated between film and resin with IMD. Unlike traditional 1st surface graphics that can wear off, 2nd surface IMD graphics can not be removed without destroying the part.

IMD sample 8 inch auspicious cloud